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The Say YES! YES! YES! Plan

We all have heard the idiom “The world is your oyster.” I believe in opening that oyster and looking for a pearl. If I don’t find a pearl, at the very least I’m tossing some cocktail sauce and horseradish on that thang and enjoying it anyway.

The say YES! plan is about getting the most out of life by taking part in living.

I have a friend who was having horrible luck in the dating world. She tried blind dates, online dating, frequented work events hoping to meet a man and fall in love. After a couple of years she stopped trying, she grew tired of the heart-break. Well, one day a friend convinced her to go to a Halloween Party. She hesitates, then says YES! She puts on an old costume then goes to the party. She is in the mix of a crowded West Hollywood party and a costumed man wants to buy her a drink. She hesitates, but says YES! The masked man asks her and a friend to an after party… she is not the after party girl, but she says YES! anyway. At the end of the night the masked man asks her on a date later in the week. She cannot really tell what he looks like, so she is hesitant… but, she says YES! Long story short, 2 years later they are engaged. She found her dream guy just by saying YES! and being open to infinite possibilities.

Saying YES! is about trying new and positive experiences instead of sitting in front of the television. The say YES! plan forces you to put yourself out in the world to meet new people, fall in love with new things and ideas, giving people a chance to get to know you and how special you are.

Saying YES! meant I had to accept an invitation to a party even when I didn’t know anyone there. By the end of the night I met the famous writer Terry McMillan and made several new friends. I loved it. Since being on the say YES! plan I have been to a different events every three to four days.

All you have to do is say YES!

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