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Fly Girl Guide to Beauty Etiquette

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

I’ll be honest with you ladies, I’m a bit of a beauty etiquette snob. It drives me crazy to see people  pick their teeth in public, use the table knife as lipstick mirror, blow dry their hair extension piece in the public hand dryer, or blow their nose at the table… Ugh! Even though these and many more bad habits drive me crazy, I still break the rules sometimes (Never blowing my nose at the table. That’s just gross).

While rushing off to an audition I’ve applied mascara behind the wheel. I even stash floss in my car in case I need to remove food while driving on LA's 405. I have bad habits I need to break as well, but, I am very strict when it comes to most beauty etiquette rules no woman or man should break. Ignoring every day beauty etiquette can turn you from classy to trashy with a swipe of a blush brush.

Allow me to correct a few faux pas.

  1. If it’s normally done in the bathroom or behind closed doors don’t do it in public. Picking, digging, plucking, brushing, popping, teasing, etc. in public is a NO, NO, NO! If you felt comfortable enough to leave your house, you’re done. Give yourself enough time in the morning to get ready. No one on the bus or in the car beside you want to see you clean your ears or brush the knots from your hair. If you think about it… You are removing something from your body. Where are you going to put it once it’s off of you?

  2. Filing nails is another cringe worthy public practice, but you have some leeway. Your nail breaks, EMERGENCY! Go to a private area and file it down. I would rather get weird looks than snag a silk chiffon dress with a crazy nail. The key to filing nails is do it in private or in a place that you are the only one around your nail shavings. Ask yourself, do you want a strangers nails dust sprinkled on you? I doubt it. File your nails at your desk, in the car, or in the bathroom.

  3. Another common practice is applying makeup in public. REALLY? This is sooooo not okay. Whipping out the eye shadow, blush, foundation, eyeliner, lipstick is just trashy. Make up your face at home. The only exception to this rule is applying lipstick after a meal. If, and only if,  you can apply your lipstick/lip gloss quickly and preferably without a mirror is when you can reapply your lips. If your lips need more attention excuse yourself to the ladies room.

  4. Since we are in the lady’s room let's discuss ladies room beauty etiquette too. Don’t pop pimples, wax or bleach that mustache, or dry your weave in the hand dryer (yes I’ve seen this). Alita Terry, an esthetician at New York’s Every Woman SkinCare, suggest eating celery and cucumber to keep skin supple and pimple free. She also suggest  investing in laser hair removal. “Laser hair removal of excess hair on the face will reduce breakouts,” advises Terry.

  5. Lastly, fashion hair ties or ponytail holders are in question. Should you leave your ponytail holder in your makeup bag or on your wrist. Many hair ties are fashionable like Kitsch Hair Ties. Plus the multi bangles look is super trendy. I say go for it and wear your hair bans on your arm. The etiquette is in keeping our ties clean and free of stray hair.


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