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About the Author


About Phire

Phire Dawson Cole is an actress, NFL dancer, professional model, and former beauty queen. She was born and raised in Connecticut; and moved to Atlanta where she graduated from Spelman College with a degree in English. After graduating she traded in the pom-poms for a desk at CNN, then moved to LA to model and act; now she’s back to her roots as a writer.

With her knowledge of presentation and grace, lifestyle, social networking trends, and always experiencing the after “after-party”… She has written a book to show the modern way to be a classy lady with all the perks.


“With my career, I have lived by these etiquette rules on television, on stage, and in front of thousands of people. Fly Girl Etiquette is about balancing class and enjoying life without regrets or embarrassment to yourself, damaging relationships, or limiting your future.”– Phire Dawson Cole

My Philosophy

Have a carefree life without being careless.

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